*This pressure type expander freely selects low or high magnification and to minimize the installation height and space, the machine meter system was designed to be of detachable type.
*Condensed water control system is installed in dual structure on steam line to minimize steam water contents, and heating system is mounted to maintaining consitent temperature to prevent material shrinkage
High-function digital indicator allows free and fast setting of magnification adjustment, and print system is mounted to enable tallying of production records(month and date).
Vibration detector is used to ensure accuracy of expanding specific gravity, and to prevent hardening of material during power outrage, air system is designed to be activate in case of emergency.
The automatic control board sets the number of expanding times, and when the operation reaches the ser value, machine automatically stops operation. Even in the automatic silo supply system, machine can be operated or stopped automatically.
To prevent material distortion caused by the conbeying blower when foaming materials are carried, system is desigened to enable installation of indirect conveyer system.
*With optional vacuum system mounted, this system not only reduces material, matuning time but is also designed to enable molding work after 1~2 hours.