*The most representative general-purpose molding machine on which vacuum system is mounted. *A newly developed model which uses pneumatic drive system instead of hydraulic drive system.
*Installation of vacuum system contributes to the saving of production cost and to the promotion of productivity by reducing steam requirement and cooling time.
*Handling is easy and noise is less compared with the hydraulic drive system, and there is no environmental -pollution caused by the hydraulic oil leakage.
*The high-performance energy saving circuit system which makes less noise and semipermanent operating life. *Repair and maintenance are simple and maintenance cost is less.
*The system, through the improvement of molding pressure steam and make steam heat fast. *The pneumatic drive system not only makes maintenance -mending easy but is also desigend as an energy saving type.
*The independently developed automatic operation control board offers easy handling of machine, and the built-in Error Table enables operators to easily take necessary corrective action in case of machine error. *The vacuum system and machine date are same as those of VS Series.